Feature films

Scream Room

Fully developed
Supernatural horror
Writer: Jared Kelly
Director: Emily Greenwood

Selected for Film London's PFM Micromarket 2016

A frustrated stay-at-home mum, desperate to revive her career, starts to believe her troubled son is being haunted by a dangerous spirit out to avenge a terrible family secret.

Cold Warrior

Advanced draft
Political thriller
Written by Emily Greenwood

'Cold Warrior' is a powerful political thriller which takes places within the glitzy world of international gymnastics, contrastingly set against Ceausescu's harsh Cold War-era Romania. The story is inspired by abortion doping allegations that took place in the 1970s and 80s throughout the Eastern Bloc. It has been said that gymnasts, some as young as fourteen, were impregnated by force by their coaches and then made to undergo an abortion just before important competitions. The surplus of red blood cells produced during the early stages of pregnancy gave the gymnasts a natural and undetected boost to their physical performance. 'Cold Warrior' tells the story of Ana, a young gymnast struggling with the limitations of her talent against the mighty powers of a Communist state that's pushing her to succeed on a global sporting stage.